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Click here for my site to place your order today! Sunday! excited about my first orders going out yesterday thanks for the support and to the people in the future of this joyful endeavor.I really enjoy coming up with different scents and solutions. working on an aftershave roll on with tea tree oils and other essential oils to aid in stopping and relief of current razor bumps in both men and woman. Try to enjoy a sit-down meal with your family today!!

Friday Today whipping up some fresh orders hope everyone enjoys them spent the week redoing my entire recipe adding a few more oils good for skin, healing and moisturizing, as well as hair. currently thinking of a natural edge routine that will be awesome ts in my head so its in the works! TGIF don't forget to drink water as well. Secondly, Sunday, September 29 with go live to debut my natural Mama bees lip balm. comment what scents you would love in a moisture-rich shampoo as well appreciate the feed back!
All I do lately is study herbs, skin /hair go to sleep dreaming of recipes to bring to my Sugah site! waiting on some supplies to come in but when they do have some plans to whip up some body scrubs ,one which will be Sugahs watermellon Zen ,will have samples listed for $5.00 by the end of the weekend.shipping on my site is 3.50 flatrate                                                                         


Woke up this morning and the universe guided me to a few pages that were very inspirational. Just wanted to say you never know who's watching your journey keep on keepin on!
HAPPY HUMP DAY !  Working my way around FB bann dont know who I pissed off but they are currently still reporting my post today all in dispute due to its harassment at this point.. I am working on my Etsy Ebay and Amazon set up current website is . Thanks for your view have a awesome day!
Welcome to Mama Butters where all of our products are made with nothing but the best ingredients and love. Owner Crystal is a Philadelphia native , mother of 8 and soon to be grand of one. The company was started after the need to care for six daughters with hair that needed extra moisture and care. As well as an all-natural product in which she would know what is going into her family in the name of beauty for their ultimate health. you will enjoy our product as much as we do! We can be reached via facebook,or IG email WEB ADDRESS