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    As a large family on summer break, it's crucial to prepare a meal budget. Here's an example of a week's worth of meals, including snacks for seven days, which you can adapt as needed. I've also included a shopping list for the week in the post to help you. You can modify these meals to be even more cost-effective. I recommend purchasing tea bags, juice powders, and containers to prepare beverages at home. Additionally, making desserts and snacks from scratch, rather than buying pre-made ones, can save money. Remember, some meals may serve for two days, so you can eat the leftovers and skip the next meal. I've planned for larger portions, allowing some items to carry over into the following week. Here is the list of items needed to prepare this week's meals; feel free to adjust them as you see fit. Let's hope we can get through this summer without going bankrupt.   click here to shop the list needed for this week at Walmart  breakfast Monday eggs waffles